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Superior Marketing
eCPM Network

The banners and popups with
higher eCPM network. For everyone.
CPA Market

Instant access to hundreds of campaigns CPA
with the best payout and conversion guaranteed.

Adbooth eCPM Network allows webmasters to charge high revenue for eCPM.

Simply open an account, copy the code of the banners, popups, interstitials, or the format you want and start seeing results in your stats. We accept all kinds of websites, but erotic.


CPA Market is an adbooth platform for affiliates and email marketers, among others. With hundreds of campaigns available as pay-per-conversion, all previously tested by our team to ensure that only the best are those that generate profits and conversions. To use CPA Market it is not necessary to have a website.

Not sure what adbooth panel is right for you?
Compare the features eCPM Network CPA Market
Especially for Webmasters, bloggers, banners within software, video servers. Affiliates, buying traffic experts, Mail Marketers, webmasters experts CPA Ad Networks.
It is necessary you to have a website? Yes No
Ad Formats available Standard size banners, floating banners, Popups, Popunder, Interstitial, Exit link tool. Only the tracking link for your campaign management.
Optimization Always automatic seeking the highest revenue per thousand impressions. You must choose the deals, and manually test which gives better result.
How the revenues are generated? eCPM Only CPA (cost per conversion)
How do you place the ads? Simply copy the code banner, popup, popunder or you have chosen and paste it on your site. Please select an offer, copy the tracking link and you promote it on your own.
Geotargeting Automatically displays banners of each country, and has ads for 100% of the countries. You must select each offer their adopted countries and configure it manually.
Sites types or traffic sources accepted Spanish, English, Arabic. We accept all types of websites, including downloads, but not erotic ones. We accept all kinds of traffic, including incentive and sometimes erotic. We do not accept SPAM.
Account Managers available for liveChat and ticket Yes, tickets response in less than 3 hours. Yes, tickets response in less than 3 hours.
Tracking system Proprietary technology without intermediaries Panel Hasoffers CPA with real-time statistics of your income
Terms of payment NET 30 NET 30
Method of payment Paypal, Transfer, Payoneer Paypal, Transfer, Payoneer
Time payment guaranteed Yes Yes
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